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Welcome to CF Markets

CF Markets is the world’s first blockchain-powered Secondary Market for crowdfunded equities.

What We Offer

Liquidity for Early-Backers

Secured by Blockchain

Unrestricted Opportunities

About Us

CF Markets is the first blockchain-powered secondary trading platform for crowdfunded equities. Investors can access a range of opportunities with the benefit of a platform that operates 24/7, provides instant settlement and transparency of price. Utilising the blockchain, CF Markets can provide a truly dynamic marketplace for the benefit of both Investors and companies.

We aim to allow Investors to diversify their portfolios, with opportunities to interact with high-growth businesses, which are typically limited to venture capital firms. We believe that businesses today need not face the lengthy process of public listings and the prohibitive costs during the early stages of fund raising.

CF Markets will transform traditional interactions with private businesses.

How it works

1. Create an account with CF Markets to access our trusted banking partner and platform

2. Trade shares in real time

3. Our blockchain powered solution settles your trade in minutes

We are a business that qualifies for SEIS & EIS

Why Us

For Companies

A secondary market designed for private companies, that understands their stakeholders.

Converts private company shares, traditionally viewed as illiquid into fungible assets.

Aids scalability by providing liquidity for initial and subsequent investors.

For Investors

New and Old

Provides a new exit strategy for existing investors at any stage of a company’s life-cycle.

Offers investors true portfolio flexibility by providing access to a dynamic marketplace.

Users enjoy access to companies across a variety of sectors and platforms.

Get in Touch with Us

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