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The Investment Opportunity

The opportunity to own a part of a business that’s disrupting the UK investment space by offering a dynamic new way for private companies and investors to interact.

Investment Highlights


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We are a business that qualifies for SEIS & EIS

The Size of the Opportunity


Private Companies in the UK


Private Company Contribution to UK GDP (2023)


% of UK Workforce Employed by Private Companies

Whilst the shares of the 1900 companies on the UK public market had a combined value of over £2 trillion in 2023, the UK’s 5.6 million private companies saw only £3.5 billion of transactions in their shares in the same time period. This is despite the combined revenues of those 1900 public companies being approximately equal to the combined revenues of the 5.6m private companies.

By closing the gap between private and public companies, CF Markets has the potential to create a new market worth over £2 trillion in the UK alone.

Private companies seek investment through the sale of their shares, which plays a crucial role in helping their businesses to grow.

The sale of these private company shares remains an untapped opportunity, not due to any lack of demand, but rather a lack of market awareness and accessibility.